Gardens in Kyoto – Eikan-do Temple


jp日本語版はこちら→ 京都の庭 永観堂

These Photos of Eikan-do Temple were taken in Kyoto, early Nobember 2013.

Zenko-ji Temple as known as Eikan-do Temple was established by Shinsho in 835. Now, the Eikando is very famous as beautiful place of colored leaves, it seems to have been called “Eikan-do, the autumn maple temple” from the old days.
The Japanese garden which arranged the pond is the beautiful shines is maple reflected in the water when it comes to full bloom of autumn leaves. Though maples had just still begun to color at the beginning of November, I was able to taste the moist atmosphere after the rain.

The building of the precincts can be connected at roofed passages connecting buildings and is glad that you can let you see around it.
A principal image of an important cultural asset “the Amitabha image” is enshrined in Amidado, and it’s possible to have a look.
There are also some stairs-like connecting corridors because there are differences of ups and downs in a site. This is my favorite wooden stairs to draw arc on.

connecting corridors and outside corridors are passing through the trees. Five colors of curtains are inserted in halls, and they are so vivid. These beautiful curtains are called five original colors, and each color seems to have a meaning in the Buddhism.

Also it has begun coloring courtyards of trees. I am fascinated by courtyards while going round the halls.

There was also the moss garden. The moss after the rain is beautiful specially.

They light up gardens and architecture at the night during colored leaves season. I would like to go there at night next time.

(Reproduction of photos without permission is prohibited.)

NameEikan-do Temple
Address48 Eikan-do-cho, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto
WEBEikan-do Temple
Open to visitors9:00〜17:00
Admission Fee
(¥1000 in autumn season, ¥600 at night in autumn season)
DirectionsSubway "Keage Station" : 15 min walk
City Bus from JR Kyoto station to "Nanzen-ji, Eikan-do-mae"

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