London – Beautiful Arcades


jp日本語版はこちらロンドン アーケードめぐり

These Photos of arcades were taken in London, UK.

Leadenhall Market

The Leadenhall Market in the city is the old market which have started since the 14th century. The current building was built in 1881. It was restored to the original beautiful state by the repair work of 1990.
It is also famous as a location of “Daiagon Alley” of Harry Potter.

The entrance of the Lloyd’s of London side. The metallic external stairs in the right side are Lloyd’s of London’s ones

This is the Lloyd’s of London. Designed by Richard Rogers and completed in 1986.

Look up the Lloyd’s of London from the Leadenhall Market. It is interesting the 19th century market and the high-tech bank is extant adjacent.

Though it is in the center of the world biggest financial area, there are lovely small grocery shops. The arcade isn’t straight, but branching into narrow streets. It is the charm that you feel like walking around small alleys. It is pleasant in the filming of Harry Potter “Diagon Alley”.
There are some pubs, and people finished there work gather there.

Beautiful ceiling. Gentle light shines from skylights. Even though the market, the detail of the building is decorative.

Royal Opera Arcade

Walking in the direction From Trafalgar Square to Piccadilly, there is the Royal Opera Arcade back of the Her Majesty Theater (formerly, Opera House).
It was designing by John Nash, the designer of the Buckingham Palace and built in 1818. The oldest arcade in London.

The arcade have white and dark blue walls and elegant curve of the vault ceilings. There is a gallery entrance from Pall Mall. And there are shops like cafes and florists lining on one side.

Small round skylight has lined up all the arcade. The length of the Royal Opera Arcade is 80 meters from Pall Mall to Chearls Ⅱ street.

Piccadilly Arcade

The Piccadilly Arcade is located at the two doors of Fortnum & Mason. Designed by Thrale Jell, 1909.
Located in the shopping area of Piccadilly.

Luxury stores with cute rounded show windows line in Piccadilly Arcade. There are many men’s clothes shops.

Dome-shaped skylight. The lovely decoration motif of the circles.

Burlington Arcade

There is the Burlington Arcade in the other side across Piccadilly street of the Piccadilly Arcade. It was built in 1881, just one year after the Royal Opera Arcade.
Lord George Cavendish, the owner of Burlington House built the arcade next to his mansion. Samuel Ware designed it.

Luxury stores sell royal warrants in the Burlington Arcade. Red carpet lay on the street.

It is a bright atmosphere shines that natural light shines from the large skylights.

The Royal Arcade

The Royal Arcade is the 50 mater arcade from Old Bond Street to Albemarle Street. Built in 1879. It was originally simply called “The Arcade”, but since the shirtmaker H. W. Brettell was patronised by Queen Victoria, it was renamed as the “Royal Arcade”.
Some part of building was destroyed in the bombing during the Second World War, but it have been restored and saved beautifully.

The Vermilion colonnades of the second floor are gorgeous!

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Venice – Canal Grande

Venice – Canal Grande
Photos taken in Venice, Italy. Canal Grande (Grand Canal) flowing through Venice in the middle of the city. Vaporetto and gondolas are coming and going.