Venice – Piazza San Marco


jp日本語版はこちら→ ヴェネツィア サン・マルコ広場

These Photos of Piazza San Marco were taken in Venice, Italy.

I had been to Piazza San Marco everyday for a week in Venice. Piazza San Marco holds the 16th century form just as it is. The Piazza where people say “It’s most beautiful place in the world.”
This photo was taken at about 6pm in August. After the shower, the clouds move more air was beautiful.

From Piazza San Marco to the left of Palazzo Ducale. The sunset on the Grand Canal.

Basilica di San Marco of Byzantine style is in repair the facade upper right. I couldn’t see the whole picture of Basilica di San Marco, it was a little disappointing.
Because the maintenance that is periodical to store an old building is necessary, that is all right.
Piazza San Marco is full of many tourists every day. Souvenir seller is going out of business in evening. He had Colorful scarfs.

The buildings which surround Piazza San Marco have beautiful the colonnades of the corridors.

There are several cafes in the building surrounding Piazza San Marco, and they have live performances.
It is a little cool to walk through the shade of the corridor to avoid the strong sunlight of Italian summer.

When the bell of the Campanile di San Marco sounded, The doves which was in the Piazza suddenly flew away and turned around round and round. It was a little scary.
A photo in a Hitchcock style.

(Reproduction of photos without permission is prohibited.)

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